Tuesday, April 01, 2008

A sign of Spring

I have said before that I love spring, it has to be my favourite season or maybe the sunny Summers, oh but Autumn is beautiful. No I think spring, it is the season of new beginnings, the days get longer, it is no longer dark when I get up for work. The weather gets warmer (sometimes) and gardens look green and lush. On Sunday Joe and I went to Kew Gardens to see the final day of the Henry Moore exhibition. I have wanted to go to Kew for a while but did not think Joe would want to (for the record he did say he would have been happy to go with me any time) but when he heard about the exhibition he was keen. As we were in London anyway we went. I loved it. The gardens were so beautiful with all the spring flowers out, having the sculptures dotted around made it even more interesting and the old green houses are just so cool. It was a very relaxing afternoon wondering around the gardens and searching the palm house for plants from Cameroon (of which I did find one!)

So here are a few pictures to enjoy. Followed by the photos as promised of our garden. Not quite as impressive as Kew but nice. Including the pond complete with tadpoles!