Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Book Review: The Perfect Storm

With lots of time for reading and not much time for blogging I read two books while Ted and Glenys were here. So two reviews in quick succession I am afraid. the perfect storm was first a book then made in to a film. I have not seen the film and not sure if I will as I think it will ruin a great book (although it does have George Clooney in it). Junger is a journalist and wanted to keep to all the facts whereas the film I understand wanted drama, thoughts and feelings. As all the crew died in the storm it is pretty hard to get true thoughts and feelings so Junger left this detail out.

So the book is about what meteorological would be called 'the perfect storm' resulting from colliding weather systems. Causing 100 foot waves and seas that any boat would have difficulty surviving. the book is based around the Andrea Gale and its crew, it is not surprise ending that the boat does not survive the storm so I am not ruining the book by telling you that. The book describes in detail fishing and weather which all comes together to an accurate account of what happened at sea that night. Not only does it follow the crew of the Andrea Gale which has never been recovered but also other boats that were out that night.

It makes a really good read and gave me a very different perspective of the sea as I was splashing about in the waves on the coast last week.

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