Tuesday, February 13, 2007

DVD Review: Pirates of the Caribbean - Dead Mans Chest

OK I know I am a little out of date with this film review - but that is what happens when you live in Africa. I really wanted to watch this film before we left to come here but we were pretty busy at the time. So my lovely husband bought it on DVD and his parents delivered it. Many thanks to you all. I watched the first pirates film while I was off sick having my pacemaker changed. I was very slow on the uptake of that film. I thought it sounded pretty naff so was not too bothered about seeing it. However I loved it, Johnny Depp (as always) was magnificent as Captain Jack Sparrow. So I was pretty desperate to watch the second film. I thought it was great, a little silly but you expect that. Johnny Depp was again brilliant. The ridiculousness of the fights was just great, and very amusing. My only complaint is the blatant way the ending is set up for the next film. It always upsets me when they leave a film hanging, did he kill the beast or did he die.............you have to wait till next time. Arrrrrrrgh its like a kids Saturday am TV show to keep you hooked. My guess is that he did kill the monster and save his boat or else how will Disney make any money from the next film?

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