Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Book review: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

What can I say, what a book. Life has been busy so I have been struggling to find time to read Harry Potter, every spare minute was spend with my nose in this book.

The seventh and final book certainly did not disappoint. Harry and co. have a great adventure in the final battle against he who must not be named. I will not give anything away but the book gave a very satisfying finish to a fantastic series. It will be sad to think no more Harry Potter books will come but we still have the films come.

So this is a fond farewell to a fantastic series of books - bye Harry!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Heather. I've only read the first Harry Potter but I'm pleased that you have been enjoying them. I've just finished Virginia Ironside's "I don't want to join a book club" and I thoroughly enjoyed that. Rather sad when the book finished. Now reading Haruki Murakami's "After Dark", also a very interesting book. Can recommend these.