Friday, September 22, 2006

Book review: The Da Vinci Code

Well I do not see what all the fuss is about. Firstly I do not think it is a brilliant masterpiece as so many review it to be. Its OK but really not all that. I also do not see why so many Christan's have got their knickers in such a knot. Yes it does claim that Jesus was mortal, married and had children. But is fiction. We do not really think that Jesus is a Lion called Aslan, so why should we give any of the garbage in this book a second thought.

I wanted to read the book to see what all the fuss is about. I do not feel I can comment on these things until I have read them. I did not really know what to expect. The only things I had really heard about the book were the criticisms from religious groups. I was expecting something far worse than I read. It is basically a cat and mouse story and a hunt for the Grail which will change religion forever. In the 600 pages of the book there are only really a few references to Jesus and his life. In the beginning of the book there are a couple of paragraphs explaining what is fact. Which does not include the claims made about Jesus.

Now the way the book was written really annoyed me. I like suspense, cliff hangers and page turners. But this was just annoying. Dan Brown continually refers to things but does not explain it till much later. By the time he has you have guessed anyway. It takes 400 pages for him to tell what Sophie had witnessed at her Grandfathers house. That's not suspense its just plain annoying.

I also find him a little to American. I had not really notice before but I often read books by English authors. The book is set in France and London and he keeps referring to things in America. The thing that really bugged me is an English man using American slang. You would have thought he would do his research and at least have the English man talking in proper English (Sorry Ann!)

It is obviously written to be a film. I do not really have any desire to see the film now. I have heard it is pretty rubbish and the book did not make me jump up and down in anticipation to see it on the big screen.

Labyrinth is said to be the girls Da Vinci Code. Well yes it has a Grail and murder. That's about the only links. I think it is much better.


The World Tour 2007 said...

Blimey chick!!! I thought Angels and Demons (the prequel to the da vinci code) was miles better. Also his other 2 books are brillient. By the way I thought the character Robert Langdon was supposed to be an american.

Hev said...

I did not mean Robert, I meant the English guy Leigh Teabing.

I have heard Angels and Deamons is better so my try it. If they sell it in Books and things

Ann said...

I read several chapters & just couldn't get into it. So, no offense taken regarding American slang!

alison said...

France has had lots of visitors on the Da Vinci Code trail recently so Dan Brown has done his bit for French tourism