Monday, September 18, 2006

Back packs

I mentioned last week that Marceline and I were visiting local children in preparation for our back pack program. The back pack program is run by HINT. It was set up last year and helped a few children in the church. This year we increased the number of children to 25, although only 16 came. They hope to increase it more each year. The concept is that we help needy children by giving them a gift to return to school with.

Over the week Marceline and I have been to a couple of markets buying the supplies. About 10 school bags, text books, shoes, uniforms and exercise books. Then on Sunday afternoon we held a program to present the packs to the children. As with many African events it was totally disorganised but actually ran quite well.

Genesis gave an opening talk about HINT and the back pack program. Then the children performed a play, mostly in pidgin, so I did not really follow it. They sang a song I taught them from my Sunday school years - My God is so big. They also recited memory verses. Some of them were so small and recited it beautifully. Joe and I also said a few words. Introduced ourselves and said what we were doing here.

Then the presentations began. Marceline read out the names and Joe and I gave out the gifts. I wore my new African outfit (see below). Then once all the gifts were given there was one special prize left. This was a selection of pens, exercise books, pencils etc. Genesis announced that it was a special prize called the Joseph and Heather Talbot prize for services to humanity!! Genesis was explaining to the children how we have left our jobs, homes and family in the UK to come and work for HINT for nothing. John won the prize for supplying water to the HINT office. When he passed he would come in collect the water bottles go to the tap to fill them, then bring them back and carry on his way. He did this without being asked to. He just felt it was important for there to be water in the office. I do not know how old this boy is but he is quite small. Maybe about 10 years. They said this will be a yearly prize for anyone who has shown unrequested kindness to others.

So once it was finished we photographed the children then had snacks. Cake and popcorn and watched Finding Nemo. The only region 1 DVD we have that we can watch on Genesis' DVD player! Good job it is a child friendly one!


KT Lindsay said...

I love the photo of all the children!

Hev said...


I am quite impressed with it myself as I do not know how to use photoshop or whatever the program is on my Linux!

Peter said...


Enjoying reading the diary. Lovely photos. Best Wishes P.R.

KT Lindsay said...

You can also use fd flickr tools to do cool things with photos - lots of fun!!


Bets said...

Heather, you and Joe are doing such wonderful work. I loved the pics of the kids too.