Monday, September 04, 2006

I predict a riot

On Friday we were happily working away in the office when there was a lot of noise outside. We looked out and there were people marching down the road. It was a lot of people but they were quite spread out. Took about 10 minuets for them to walk past. The first lot were a little rowdy. You know how crowds get. It is the same in every country, get a bunch of people together and they behave like idiots. We were stood outside the office but soon ran in as they were throwing rocks around. One it out sign board. Then once they reached the sign they pulled it out the ground and left it on the road.

We found out they were from Tole tea, the tea plantation. It had been bought out and closed. Resulting in lots of people losing there jobs and not being paid for the last few weeks work they have done. So as you can understand there people are angry. The school year started today so there are parents who are unable to pay for their children to go back to school.

When we left the office later once everyone had passed including the police following at the back and the long line of cars waiting to get past. The road between the office and the house was a mass of destruction. Nearly all the signs ripped out the ground. A friend of ours had her table she sells food on ripped apart. Fortunately here husband is a carpenter so it was fixed the next day. I am sure this destruction carries on all the way down the road.

So yes they are angry but why do they have to ruin everything for everybody else. We have done nothing to hurt them? Its just what groups do. You cannot stand out in a group be behaving.

I hear there is another strike/protest today so not point in fixing anything yet. Don't worry they are not targeting people, I am quite safe and we lock the doors of the office so they cannot get in!

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Hev said...

The march was cancelled on Monday so it was sleepy Buea as normal. I think the heavy mob police came from Yaouande so they decided not to bother.