Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Chicken in a basket

On Saturday night about 10:30 pm there was a knock at the door. Genesis Mum, sister and nephew had come to visit. They had come for 2 reasons firstly too see Naomi and secondly to deliver our house boy. It appears no house is complete without a boy. This boy is there to run errands like going to the shop to get the essential ingredients you forgot or just getting your shoes from another room.

Over the summer Jeff has been staying with us. Marceline had said to me that usually they have another boy who is much better than Jeff. Jeff is waiting for his Dad to pick him up and return him to Yaounde where they live. He has been staying with us for the holidays. So exit Jeff and enter Gabriel he is about 12. He stays with us to go to school but his family live in Bamenda in the north west province, this is where he has been for the summer.

When the family arrived they had quite a bit of luggage. A couple of large bags of their own stuff then the gifts of food. A branch of a plantain tree, a couple sacks of corn and a live chicken in a basket. So the chicken sat in its basket pecking on its corn waiting for its doom. I did not see the chicken being killed, plucked or prepared thank goodness. We did not eat any of it. There were 11 mouths to feed in the house and I think we had something different that day. However this morning when we are leaving the house and Jeff was outside nibbling on a chicken head!! The children get the head Genesis told us. Is it a treat - I don't know but Jeff appeared to be quite happy nibbling away.


Mum said...

Will you be expecting a boy to be doing your errands when you get back to the UK?

Hev said...

That would be nice