Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Book Review: Joy Luck Club

A collection of short stories each told by a member of the Joy Luck Club. The Joy Luck Club is a group of four women who have moved from China to America and formed this group. The book begins after one of the members has died suddenly and her daughter has to take her place in the Joy Luck Club. The meetings involve each member telling a story, the book is made up of these separate stories. Two stories from each of the mothers about life as a child in China. Then each of the daughters tell two stories of their life in America in relation to their mother.

Some of the stories are pretty crazy but all are lovely. The mothers have very traditional views that their daughters do not share. The book shows a lot about Chinese culture and belief. The book has also been made in to a film so I would like to watch that now.

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Ann said...

I loved that book, too, and also enjoyed the movie.