Sunday, May 13, 2007

More top tens

I got thinking about top ten lists after the last one I had to make so decided to make a few to round up how I feel about leaving Cameroon. Some have more than 10 and some less so actually they are not top 10's!

Things I will miss about Cameroon

The friends we have made
The fresh fruit especially, avocado, pineapple, mango and pawpaw
The beach at Batoke
10p taxi rides
50p beer
Having the freedom of working when we want
Spectacular scenery, not that England is not spectacular it is just so diverse here.
The dry season
Roasted fish
Palm wine

Not miss

Being called Madam, Whiteman, Auntie, Mama or Hilda
Cold showers
Mice and cockroaches scurrying around the bedroom
Police checks on the road causing bribery and corruption
Bureaucracy and the obsession with stamping everything
Vague plans, never quite knowing what we are supposed to be doing, when and where
Hand washing clothes
Painfully slow Internet access
Everyone thinking I am rich because of the colour of my skin and asking me to dash then something
The wet season
Cramming more people than seats in to buses/ cars

Looking forward to at home

Driving where I want when I want
A nice cup of tea with FRESH milk
Chris and Louise's wedding
Seeing my family and friends
Roast dinner and many other types of food including cheese

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Mum said...

We will try to supply all your requirements.