Monday, May 28, 2007

Mum's are great!

I have decided since we go home next week I will stop washing. I really hate doing the hand washing so thought I could start saving it up for a washing machine to do for me. Well I will do the small stuff and Joe's sweaty football kit. So I started thinking about going home with all this washing and the joy of putting it all the in washing machine to take care of it for me. Then I started thinking how my Mum would never let me do that and how she will willingly offer to do all our washing for me. I love my Mum, she is great!

PS, not told my Mum this yet, but I am sure she will not mind!


Ann said...

Moms/Mums are indeed wonderful. Everyone needs one. (I'm sure my kids would say the same, ha.)

mum said...

The washing machine door is open ready and waiting.

Hev said...

Thanks Mum, your great!