Sunday, May 13, 2007

That was close

We often get woken by noises early in the morning. Sometimes chickens or crows, sometimes it is the local church singing out of tune through a loud speaker. Sometimes it is the neighbours playing really loud music. Interestingly it is never Naomi, she is such a good baby. However yesterday we were awoken following a really loud bang. We are used to hearing cars backfire or their tyres blow out but this was way louder. We looked out the window and could see people staring down to the bottom of the road and a few running down there. Must have been an accident we thought. I thought about going to help but decided not to as there is not much I can do and I was in my pj's. So we went about having our breakfast and a normal lazy Saturday morning. Genesis returned from seeing what the noise was about and it turns out it was our dear friend Sylvester whose car had been driven in to by a taxi going far to fast.

Nor fortunately (I never thought I would say this) Sylvester was not wearing his seat belt. This means that he got thrown in to the passenger seat which meant as the car caused the drivers door to fold in he was miraculously not hurt. He lost consciousness a few minutes but regained it on the way to the hospital. He not no broken bones and not even a scratch on his body. It was absolutely amazing he had not injures, the car however did not fare so well. He has insurance but they will find every possible way not to pay out.

Being in a car is pretty dangerous here and I have felt my safest with Sylvester. I blame the road layout as he was in the middle of the road waiting to pull out, the taxi came down the hill at high speed and did not pull over out of the way.

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dad said...

I told you travel by car wasn't safe in Cameroon.