Monday, February 12, 2007

Book Review: Empress Orchid

My interest with oriental writing all began with Wild Swans. Which is a is a magnificent book that I urge you to read. I have also greatly enjoined Memoirs of a Geisha which I really enjoyed and will one day watch the film. Empress Orchid is the first book I have read by Anchee Min, it is her forth novel so will definitely be reading the others. I really enjoyed it. Based on the true lives of nineteenth century Chinese royalty. The story of a village girl who was chosen to become one of the Emperor's wives. It describes the lonely life she led inside the Forbidden City and the struggles to met with her husband, the Emperor. I found the second half of the book a little too heavy with Chinese politics but still very enjoyable. There is great insight to the thoughts and feelings of this young woman as she becomes a concubine and copes with a totally different life style in the Forbidden City. She is a strong character who risks her life by saying what she feels needs to be said. Very well written and enjoyable read.


Margaret said...

Can I borrow it?


Hev said...

Of course!