Wednesday, February 14, 2007

What is it all about?

I often think why am I here? what is it all about? Not my life, I am pretty happy with my personal ideas's of why I am here and do not want a theological debate about it. I mean in Cameroon, many people think we are crazy to pack up shop for a year, leave our house, jobs, friends, family and live in an African country. Many admire us and wish they could do the same (what is stopping you I say). So what is it all about, a life experience for me and Joe, to change the world, to help those less privileged than ourselves.

Well I am not sure about the life experience business we did not do this for ourselves, I would have chosen a warmer beach climate is it was! Yes this is a life changing experience but that is not the reason I came. To change the world, we are helping a small portion of the world but are not going to change the big wide world. To help those less privileged than myself, that is the reason I came. It is something I have always wanted to do. I have wanted to be a nurse all my life and would say once I was a nurse I would go to Africa and help. So here I am, is that what I still think it is about, yes and no. Yes it is about helping the underprivileged, it is also about all the small things.
We have a thing going with a couple for the local kids near our compound. Every time we walk past they come running up shouting 'white man white man white man' then do a ever evolving hand shake with them. Joe playing football with Gabriel, seeing him smile and having fun (which does not happen much living here with his Aunt and Uncle and no friends). It's these things that make it all worthwhile. Do not get me wrong opening a health centre, teaching computers, setting up a school book library they are all worth it but its seeing the smiles on the kids that give you that warm fuzzy feeling inside.

so here I am half way through a year in Cameroon hoping to help the poor and hopefully bringing joy to children. I love it, I love what I am doing, I love that I gave up stuff to come here, I love seeing the children smile but fear not I love my life in England too and will be coming back!


Mum said...

You are making a big difference in small ways and large areas which will continue when you leave.

Well done to both of you.

Ann said...

I love what you're doing, too, especially because I know you & what a bright presence you are to the people near you....(and far away from you, like me!)

Ellen said...

We know exactly how you feel. You will make a difference in ways that you haven't even considered. Enjoy your experience and then come home safely.