Thursday, February 22, 2007

I can read and be a busy person!

I asked him if he liked to read he said the only reading he does is for study and not for enjoyment. Cameroonians do not appear to read for enjoyment, people are still discovering the wonders of the TV and have not yet come out the other side where you begin to realize it rots the brain. So this young man told me that reading is for the idle, like women they have nothing to do so can spend time reading. I am sure you can imagine my reply having done a million loads of washing in the last week and swept and moped the floor, oh and gone to work everyday and had a cold. Women are heroes!!

Then a little later the same day I was enjoying reading my book (The Shadow of the Wind) and came along this line 'reading is for people who have a lot of time and nothing to do. like Women.' This is of course the view of an inspector who I think will not turn out be a nice character, but to be told it twice in one day is not nice.

So I am a women and I work hard and at the end of the day when all is done if there is time I like to read a book - is that so bad?


Mum said...

No Heather,reading is very good. It expands the mind or so they say!Keep reading and enjoy it.

dad said...

How do you think I know as much as I do?

Ann said...

Keep on reading, and ignore ignorance.

alison said...

Keep focused on your goals and don't let other people's silly remarks divert you. (This advice came from an olympic gold medal winner.)