Thursday, February 15, 2007

Seven months

Well here we are seven months in and not that I am counting but we come home 16 weeks today!! I am not wishing the time away but really looking forward to so many things.

So the month started with me running my first HIV educators' seminar, which went very well. After that we had a couple of weeks off with Joe's parents. We had a great time together and got to explore a few more places in this amazing country. That is it for visitors now so 16 weeks hard work until we go home (with the odd Saturday on the beach of course).

Since Glenys and Ted left I have been re-working a bit of the HIV course ready for the next group on the 5th March. I am also planning to do a course in the prison to the wardens. I have a meeting there tomorrow to organise it.

Joe has started writing a photoshop course which will run after his next web design course due to start on Monday.

We have had our visas issued which we are very pleased about and we have the buildings for the health centre in our possession. The final few bits of paperwork are being put together for the government application. We needed a building plan from an architect, even though we are renting buildings. We have to have a long term plan to build to show we are serious. So once that is finished we will hand the application in. Everything takes months to sort out in this country. We will open as an advice centre once the building is habitable - I am off cleaning a little later.

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