Friday, January 19, 2007

First set of HIV educators trained

This week I have been training my first set of HIV educators. It feels like this has taken a long time to happen and now it is over. We had 17 attend which I thought was brilliant due to the short notice advertising that so often happens here. We aimed for 25 but 17 was good as the hall was pretty hot. There are still tenants in the building so we just rented the hall and will get the whole building on 1st February.

I had a really diverse groups about half were already involved in HIV and I felt I was teaching them to suck eggs but they all said they learnt something new so that is great. So of the other half for most of them it was their first training in HIV and it really empowered them and they are planning sessions within their groups and workplaces. One guy was a prison officer and I plan to talk to the prisoners with them as well as doing another training session for more guards. I hope to do this in February/ March.

We had some great group discussions and I actually really enjoyed teaching. Usually I hate public speaking but I found this really enjoyable and hope it will be a confidence booster for the future.

We asked for recommendations for the next course which will start on 5th March and have about 10 names already. I have also had ideas for other projects, I aim to start a home help support group. There are many women who give their time going to the homes of people living with HIV. There were trained at a local hospital but get no follow up. One women was telling me they get no update or support, so I aim to start a support group for these women.

We now have a break for a couple of weeks as Joe's parents arrive tomorrow. By the time they leave we will have the health centre buildings and today my aim is to hassle Genesis until we hand in the application for a permit. As for our visas.......still waiting!


Sophie said...

Well done Hev - you're very brave! glad it went well and that you're already looking forward to the next batch

dad said...

Hey Hev sounds like you have done well. Thanks for the additional info about the people you trained. It will be helpful for my talk about your work next Wednesday.

The World Tour 2007 said...

Hi Hev,

Still no visa's - does this mean you and Joe are illegal immigrants.

Hope you don't get deported - hahaha