Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Baby dedication

On Sunday Genesis and Marceline had Naomi dedicated, Genesis had asked a pastor friend of his to do the business. New year is a big religious thing here in Cameroon, many churches hold new year services through-out the night (the church down the road kept me awake for hours on new years eve grrrrr). So Genesis thought it was a great time to dedicate Naomi. It was the usual Sunday morning service with a good turn out due to it being a special event.

The dedication was not quite the same as in my home Baptist Church, there were no promises made. The dedication involved many verses of scripture mostly from the old testament about giving your first born son to God. Then prayers for Naomi praying that she grows to be big and strong and with the lord, that God will provide her a nice husband and stuff like that. It was a nice service and afterwards we had a small snack of pop corn and stuff.

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alison said...

I like the bit about praying for "a nice husband". Wonder if they did that at my christening?