Saturday, January 27, 2007

To the North West

Last week we all went to the North West, by all I mean the families of Talbots and Tinshus. The North West is the other English speaking province and where Genesis is from. It was a long six hour journey up we were hot and sweaty by the end. We had one whole day to visit and two travel days.

We went to Genesis' village to visit his mum and see where he grew up. The terrain in the North West is very different to here. The soil is red and there are many stones. Genesis village is called Babanki-Tungo which means village under the stones. We had a beautiful journey there, we went the scenic route to get a good view of the stones. We also stopped at Genesis' old school which was fantastic. Once in the village we were lucky to be there the day of a memorial party of a woman that had died 4 years previously. There was lots of dancing and gun firing (Ted got invited to fire the gun).
Also boys in masks dance, they are called Ju Ju. It was great to see masks in use after we look at so many in the markets.

After this we went on to Genesis mothers house. We had a nice time sitting in the compound playing with the children watching them chase a chicken around which turned out to be dinner. They cooked us a great meal then we had to be on our way.

The journey home yesterday was pretty rough. Took about 9 hours instead of 6 in a small bus with 5 people sharing 4 seats. It was squashed, sweaty and long. We were glad to arrive in the lovely hotel in Limbe, such a contrast to the day before. So day we took a well deserved break by the sea. I have many more photos but do not have the time (cannot be bothered) to process them all and up load them so You will have to wait another week for that.

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Margaret said...

looks very different to the south. another wonderful experience for you