Friday, September 01, 2006

Book review: Labyrinth

As I expected we do not have a telly. At first this did not bother me. I did not expect to have a telly and was quite looking forward to life without one. I do of course wonder what is happening in Lost and will be gutted to miss the next series of ER. However these things can be purchased on DVD at a later date.

After a few weeks and the initial excitement of being in Cameroon wore off I started (dare I say it) to miss the telly. Once we get home from work, if we do not pop in to the bar for a swift beer there is not much to do. It gets dark about 7pm so we have to stay inside to avoid the mossies. We play cards and read. At times it would be nice to mong in front of the telly. We have set the lap top up as a DVD player but that is an occasional treat.

I have now swung back to enjoying not having a telly. I am enjoying reading and having the time to read. So far I have read about 4 books. My Favourite has been Labyrinth by Kate Mosse. It is a book I put on my wish list, I had seen it about and of course Richard and Judy recommended it (so it must be good). My Mum said that she has read it and really enjoyed it so bought it for my birthday. When I opened the present I was a little shocked at how fat it was. I am scared of fat books. I am not usually a very fast reader and I worry it will take me ages to finish them. However once I started it I could not put it down. Two stories running in parallel. It has blood, gore and romance. What more do you need! I really enjoyed it and would recommend it as a great read. Joe also has read it, he did enjoy it but not as much as I did. He did not like the style of writing and saw through stuff quicker than I did (I am a little dim when it comes to plots).

I may enlighten you with my reading material from time to time. I would love any recommendations. Especially older stuff, we have a great bookshop down the road, called books and things. It sells books and things but random things like loo roll, rain coats and some food stuffs. It has a great collection of books so I am sure I will find something to read in there. I have brought a few books with me but if I keep reading at this rate I will soon run out.


Scott said...

I liked Subterranean by James Rollins, and also Excavation by the same author. It's pure escapism.

Heather said...

Please keep the book commentary going. 'm always on the lookout.
I think if I owned a shop it would be called 'books and things like coffee and plants and funny old stuff'.
How about you?
I like your blog :)
Heather from Canada in Kenilworth