Saturday, September 30, 2006

Day tripping

Last week we went for a day trip to Douala with Genesis. The main point of this trip was to buy some more computers for HINT. Due to the overwhelming response we received in finical support for this trip, we have been able to pay our room and board and had some money left over. We are donating this money to HINT to help the charity expand. So we donated 4 computers from our fund. HINT runs as a computer school and when there are not lessons running we are an Internet cafe as a way of paying the bills and raising funds. However we were loosing customers as there were no available computers during class times. We had a successful trip and HINT now runs with 21 computers. 18 for teaching leaving 3 free for customers. We are very grateful to everyone that donated and wanted to let you know how your money is being used.

As we were in Douala with a local we thought we would make the most of it. We visited a restaurant that Genesis and Joe have been to before. From the outside it not look up to much and the service was slow. Most the food was finished but the food we did have was amazing. I had plantain with fried fish and cabbage which was yummy. Joe had rice and beef ndole (which is bitter leaf and ground nut, looks a bit like sag loo). We also had varieties of Top, which is the local fizzy pop. It was a very nice meal and for the three of us came to about £8. Only trouble is not sure if I will ever find it again!!

We then went to marche du fleurs. which is a local arts and crafts market. I could spend all day there but we had a driver waiting so could only have a few minuets. There is a lot of tourist rubbish but if you looks there are some great things. We got these two masks. The art of haggling is required. the price for one started at 50 000 CFA (£50) Joe said I will give you 10 000, OK says the man! Having Genesis with us is great meaning they drop the white man prices once he joins in! I am sure we will make many more visits there and have no room to bring any else back home!!


Margaret said...

Cant wait to visit these places with you.


Ann said...

And when is mum going to Cameroon??

Hev said...

Mum and Dad are coming in November, not long to go!!

Ann said...

Maybe while they're there, Margaret can help you write your blog! (Not that you need help, but I'll be interested in her first impressions.)