Monday, October 02, 2006

Marriage propasal

On Friday night I had my first marriage proposal, well second if you count Joe but I am talking about in Africa! I was on my way to the local shop to buy some Coke. We were planing a video evening. We found some prawn crackers in the bakery down the road. So decided to make them and watch Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. It was the first time I had made prawn crackers, it was so much fun. Watching them expand in the oil and float to the top and they tasted sooooo good. I have always loved prawn crackers and have them every time I have a Chinese. It was really nice to eat something so familiar and so tasty. We made them with torch light as we thought the kitchen light was broken. However after we had finished we found out the light had been fixed that day!!

Well I digress. We are quite used to being stopped by people who want to talk to us, find out where we are from and what we are doing here. This man stopped me and said hello so I returned the greeting. Then he asked if I would marry him so I live in Cameroon forever. I told him I already had a husband. He asked if we was white or black. So I told him. He then said I should marry him also so I can stay in Cameroon whenever I want. I declined the offer and went on my merry way. Maybe next time he shouts after me.


Joseph said...

girls can't have more than one husband, only boys can do that!

Mum said...

we dont want any bigamy in our family