Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Keep Buea clean

The first Wednesday of every month is keep Buea clean day. As you can see they need it. One of the things I have really noticed in Cameroon is waste disposal or the lack of.

However no one takes these initiatives seriously. On Keep Buea clean day each business is supposed to close in the morning while they clean their compound. Of course no one wants to lose any business so instead of closing they just look closed too keep the council happy. The door is closed but it is business as usual.

At the house there is no such thing as refuse collection. When I asked where to empty the bin one day Shelia said 'just there' and pointed in to the garden. Marceline put a stop to this as it was outside the kitchen window and flys were gathering. So I was shown the proper place to put rubbish. This is just round past the next house in a big hole.

There are no bins of the street. People throw waste in the gutter or by the side of the path. One day I was wondering up to the market and saw this sign. Next to it was a huge pile of rubbish!!

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