Monday, October 16, 2006

I need cheese

As I said the other day I really miss cheese. On Saturday Joe and I must have spent the first 5 hours of the day talking about cheese. We have a 5 course cheese meal all planned for when we get home. Also we are thinking of getting all our friends to come over for a bring and cheese dish party... Will this even happen? I expect not but it would be so cool. So many possibilities. You do not even need to be a good cook, I would be happy with cheese and pineapple on sticks.

There is cheese available here, the local bakery sells laughing cow and babybell but its pretty expensive and we have no fridge so will not keep. As we walked back from the football on Sunday evening we passed the bakery so we popped in to buy a mini babybell each. It was so tasty and has fulfilled my craving for now.

I was getting worried we would become calcium deficient having no milk or cheese. However green beans contain calcium and we eat plenty of them. Next week we are going to Douala for a few days so we will have pizza. I cannot wait, I think I will have 4 cheeses!!


Ann said...

Wow that IS terrible-- life without cheese! That would be difficult for me-- I can understand why you're planning a big cheesy dinner when you get back home.

rich said...

Maybe I'll get you a fondue set for when you get back. The last time I had one it felt like all of my internal fluids had been replaced by cheese - like being embalmed with cheese juice.

Hev said...

That sounds sooooo good.