Thursday, October 12, 2006

The General Hospital

This afternoon we went to visit Maggie in the General Hospital. She is Marceline's sister and has her 6th baby yesterday. He name is not yet decided. The father said he will be named John but it is not fully decided. He is so cute and looks so small in comparison to Naomi.

The hospital looked quite nice it was my first visit up there. It is lots of buildings with covered walkways. The grounds are very clean but this should be expected as you pay a 100CFA hygiene fee at the gate to enter. Unless you look like you are dying then they let you through. I saw the medical ward, surgical ward and maternity wards. Also passed the emergency department and the morgue. Not that we saw inside anything other than the Maggie's room. Rather than a long open ward there are lots of separate rooms with 2-3 beds. The beds were very hard and I think you bring your own bedding. There is no way for the nurses to monitor you once you are in your room. There are patient call bells by every bed though.

I plan is to visit the hospital with Genesis some time to talk to the doctors there about HIV treatments.

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