Monday, October 23, 2006

De-hairing the beast!

So I spent Sunday afternoon taking my hair out. I had planned to leave it in for the conference so as I was not going I thought why wait. It was growing out quite rapidly. My roots were over 1cm making it look a bit naff. It took about 4 hours with a long lunch break in the middle. Shelia, Marceline and Sharlotte all helped. We started by undoing each braid separately, then the hair could be reused. I soon got fed up with this so then we chopped the ends off and it was much quicker.

When we had finished a had a great crimped hair style! It took ages to wash and still does not feel clean. I even had a bucket a hot water rather than washing it with the cold shower. I brushed out loads of dead hair. I was expecting their to be loads. Natural hair loss and all that. But I am sure a person does not loose that much hair in 6 weeks. It just kept coming out and still is! I am convinced my hair feels thinner than usual (I have pretty think hair). Bit it looks OK so I am happy and has grown a bit too. Now all I need to find it a hairdresser who knows how to cut white mans hair.

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