Friday, October 20, 2006

These Cameroonians eat everything

After football practise last night Joe went to the bar for a social drink and had some more snake to eat. This time a proper whole portion and he quite enjoyed it. When he came home I has tucking in to my supper of pancakes filled with fish (which is a little wrong but tastes OK). We got in to a conversation with Sheila about what Cameroonians eat. Turns out if it moves they eat it. For example mole, porcupine, guinea pig, cat, dog, large land snails, tortoise and turtle (poor defenceless little things) basically any animal we named people will eat it somewhere in this country. I think we got them with cockroach. There is also bush meat which is supposed to be illegal but still eaten in some parts, elephant, monkey, tiger antelope. We have not had any of the weird and wonderful meats mentioned above and I plan not to. They are not common, mostly eaten in tribes or by people who are desperate.

Sheila only eats chicken and fish and beef, which is what we are mostly eating. She did eat pork until she saw some of the village pigs eating a bunch of thieves that had been shot them dumped in a pile somewhere.

They also eat every part of the animal. We have had pigs trotters, cow skin stuff and parts of a chicken that I really do not recognise. Any bones a left dry, it puts us to shame. We avoid the fat and the gristly bits - they just eat it all.


rich said...

Eating the dog has often been tempting, I think these cameroonians have the right idea.

Ann said...

But I bet they don't have haggis!!