Monday, October 16, 2006

Tiko vs Limbe

On Sunday we went to watch the football. It was the regional final, the winner of which enters the national 1st division. As Buea is the capital of the south west province the final is held in our local stadium. This is the very same stadium that Joe plays football in on a Sunday morning.

It was my first trip down to the stadium so I was keen to see it. The pitch is a big rectangle of sand/grit. There are two stands with plastic garden chairs. We had tickets for the stands and should have had seats but they were all full by the time we arrived. On the other two sides of he pitch it is standing room only. Apart from the people sitting up on the poles of the walls (you can spot on the photo).

The game was Tiko vs Limbe. Tiko were 1-0 up on aggregate. During the second half Limbe got a penalty and scored. At full time the end result was 1-1 so we went to extra time. No further goals. The match finished with penalties. Final result Tiko win 5-4 on penalties. To be honest the game was not that exciting to watch. We had a pretty poor view as were sat on the bottom of the stands so had the fence, camera man and occasional police men obstructing our view. I just enjoyed the atmosphere, half time entertainment of a disabled man dancing around on his walking stick and people watching.

We made a sharp exit after the game finished, we had gone with our neighbour Didymus who Joe plays with. He said we should go as the Tiko fans are hooligans and their could be trouble. They were in process of running on to the pitch as we left. There were trophies to be awarded, not sure if they had the chance to do it. I thought security was pretty tight. Lots of police, army and even some marines. Didymus reckoned it was not enough for the number of fans there though.

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