Saturday, November 08, 2008

The start of a new era

This week saw the start of a new era in the Talbot household...........

.......The Vegetable Box era.

I was so excited last Tuesday morning knowing that by the time I got home from work our first vegetable box would have arrived. I was even more excited at 07:30 when it did arrive and was gutted I had to rush out to work. Picked up a very juicy tasty apple from the box to enjoy with my lunch though.

So we had a wonderful mixture of stuff including a very bizzare looking cauliflower and some delicious red peppers.

The hope is that I will need to go shopping less often and we will get out of our cooking rut and sample some new stuff.

We get to choose what we don't want, carrots was at the top of the list and we see the produce for the next box a week in advance so you can have stuff taken out.

Its great.... next week comes Kale - what on earth do I do with that?