Thursday, January 24, 2008

Why I hate nights......

Actually I don't hate nights, I hate the days off after nights. The thought of staying up all night to go to work is not great one but once you are there the time flies and it is not too bad. However the worst thing is finishing nights and trying to readjust to normality. I find I have no trouble adjusting into nights but I guess this is because when you are at work you have to stay awake. I find the days off afterwards really hard work. Getting out of bed is tough when you still want to sleep but if you stay there will you not sleep the next night until morning and so the vicious circle continues.

| have tried all sorts, staying up the whole of the first day after nights - once I stayed awake for 30 hours! Or having a power nap then getting up and doing something, but when I tried that this time I slept through 'till 2pm and missed a meeting I was supposed to go to Set my alarm but turned it off rolled over and the next thing I knew it was 2pm. I then woke up at 3am the next night unable to sleep any more. The best night recovery I ever had was flying to Guatemala straight from a night shift, I suffered no jet lag and felt great as soon as we arrived. I did fall asleep on the plane before take off!

I think it will be an on going problem for as long as I do nights, so although I got all these great days off after nights I have to struggle to not sleep through them!

Friday, January 11, 2008

Want to give to charity but too poor after christmas?

I have the answer........ rice is a website where you can give grains of rice to developing countries for free. To do this you have to correctly answer vocab questions. So you do not only give out rice for free you also improve your vocab - which for me can only be a benignant thing! As you get the answers correct the vocab lever gets harder. Needless to say in the short time I played I only got to level 35 - I am quite sure you can beat that!

So give it a go. Show how good your vocab is and how many people you can feed in a matter of minutes. To date has donated over 6 million grain of rice.