Friday, January 11, 2008

Want to give to charity but too poor after christmas?

I have the answer........ rice is a website where you can give grains of rice to developing countries for free. To do this you have to correctly answer vocab questions. So you do not only give out rice for free you also improve your vocab - which for me can only be a benignant thing! As you get the answers correct the vocab lever gets harder. Needless to say in the short time I played I only got to level 35 - I am quite sure you can beat that!

So give it a go. Show how good your vocab is and how many people you can feed in a matter of minutes. To date has donated over 6 million grain of rice.


Anonymous said...

I love this site - top score so far is 41, after that its all guesswork ...!


Anonymous said...

I reached 42, carried on playing but could not get it higher.