Saturday, December 22, 2007

A busy winter

I have to say I have become pretty slack in updating my blog recently. This is because I now see my life as pretty mundane and boring and nothing I think you will want to read about. While in Cameroon I felt almost everything was interesting from doing the washing to my day to day work and the people I met. Now I see that kind of stuff as pretty dull as it is no different to what everyone else is doing. So the end result is nothing to write about.

December has been a busy month. I have felt totally unprepared for Christmas as I am finding it hard it believe we have been back for over six months and Christmas is upon us. However time is running past and it is now pretty cold which most the time I am not appreciating although going out for walks in a woolly hat and fluffy coat with the beautiful winter sky and leaves on the ground is pretty good.

A few weeks back we went to watch Rich complete the Grim challenge. An 8 mile run across an army tank testing ground, I have to say a big well done to him. It looked really tough with loads of rain fall the night before and huge puddles/ lakes to run through. It was not warm that day and he did really well.

I have been very busy with my involvement in the organisation of the Christmas ball. It was hard work at times trying to get people to pay up but we had a wonderful night and Trinity college and everyone looked beautiful.

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I make no promises to be any better at blogging next year!


Dad said...

Good to see some activity. You look nice in your ball gown.

Mum said...

You look beautiful and your Husband looks very handsome but could I be biased