Thursday, November 29, 2007

Terracotta Army

On Monday I had a great day out with Mum and Dad, we went to London to see the Terracotta army. Joe and I would love to go to China to see the army in all its vastness but for now this is all we can do. The British Museum had about 12 whole figures, some horses and a few extra bits. Every face different it must be amazing to see the whole army. The display showed you how the First Emperor of China took over the nation and then prepared for his death by building his temple for his tomb and organising his protection. Not only did the army contain warriors but also civil servants to keep the paper work in the after life and some entertainment was also organised in heavy weight men and aerobatic artists. The man thought of everything no surprise he became the first emperor.

the queues were huge and it took ages to get round, and that was having booked the tickets in the Summer. It was well worth it though and I would love to have the opportunity to travel to China and see it for real.


mum and dad said...

Yes it was good day out. We enjoyed the exhibition too.

Anonymous said...

Hola Hev and Joe
Happy New Year!

Aren´t the terracotta warriors fantastic! I was really worried when we were in Xi├ín that there were going to be no warriors to see because they had all gone to London. So I was very relieved to see them in there home and there were lots of them.

I can totally recommend the tour we took through China.

We are back home in Bicester in 2 weeks so let me know if you want to meet up

Samantha and Alan x