Monday, November 12, 2007

Family Chronology

A couple of years ago Joe came across a website of a photographic family chronology. Each year the family gather and take a photo and catalogue it on this site. We decided this was a pretty cool idea so have started ourselves.

We set the date to 1st October as this is the date we met. The project began last year in Cameroon and continued in a rainy car park. We set on a head shot of each of us and a full length of the family together.

The Talbot photo chronology


Anonymous said...

men, this blog is losing steam. is england boring? you need to go back to cameroon and excite us with your stories. oh well. i guess life is not as chaotic as it was in cameroon. good pictures. im thinking of doing mine.

Hev said...

Sorry life in the UK is pretty dull. Pretty cold too I wish I could go back to Cameroon to warm my fingers up.