Thursday, October 05, 2006

Happy Anniversary

Today is our 4 year wedding anniversary. Usually we would buy each other presents related to the year of our anniversary. So four years would be flowers, silk or linen. It would be a little pointless spending the money we have raised though sponsorship on presents so we decided not to buy any this year. I was very impressed that both out mums sent us cards that arrived on time - thank you.

Joe and I like to eat out so we usually celebrate our anniversary by going out for a nice meal in Oxford. Buea does not have a vast selection of restaurants. So I thought to make our anniversary special and not just another day I would cook. I find trying to cook something familiar to us a little difficult here. The food available is pretty different most of the spices, seasonings are unlabeled and unrecognisable! I chose to make frankfurter medley. It is a dish that Joe's mum makes and gave me the recipe some time back. It is simple and does not involve many ingredients. I had seen frankfurters in the local bakery so thought it would be a great dish to make some time. It turned out pretty well. Usually it is made with tinned tomatoes but the local tomatoes are so juicy I could use them. Joe was pretty chuffed, it was nice to have something that is so Talbot as he put it!! Well happy anniversary Joe, sorry its not much. We will have to start planning where we could go out to eat next year - the possibilities are endless!


Joseph said...

cheers babe!

It was yummy.

The World Tour 2007 said...

Has it really been 4 years.

Happy Anniversary!

KT Lindsay said...

Happy Anniversay Guys! It's one you will never forget :-) xxx

Bets said...

Happy Anniversary Heather and Joe!

Rachel said...

Happy belated Anniversary, and thank you for the link to my blog