Monday, October 09, 2006

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside

On Saturday we went for a day trip. Genesis, Marceline and Naomi came too. We went to Limbe which is our nearest coastal town, 17 miles away. It was very windy but lovely to be by the sea. Limbe is a working fishing town. The sand is black as it is volcanic. The beach was pretty dirty, lots of debris lying around. That is to be expected though when its a working beach. The guide book says there are some nice beaches further along the coast which were used in the film chocolat. After a wonder along the beach watching the fishermen bring in their days catch we got some lunch. We went to an area with various stalls grilling fresh fish and prawns. It was gorgeous we have got quite used to picking a fish apart with our fingers.

We then went to the botanical gardens which were beautiful. Unfortunately we had to pay for a camera so there are no photos inside. I took a few sneaky pictures outside. There were loads of different plants, some great old trees and a fantastic amphitheatre.

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