Monday, October 02, 2006

And so it begins

A few months back Joe wrote on his blog about this family chronology. We thought it was a pretty cool idea and would start one ourselves. We ummed and ahhed about various dates. Half way between out birthdays/ our wedding anniversary. We decided on 1st October. This is because it is the 1st of a month which makes it a nice date to remember. It is also the date we originally got together.

So we started this yesterday. Which was our 7th year anniversary and so far we have noticed no 7 year itch...or will that come in 2009 when we have been married 7 years? We decided to do head shots of each of us and a full length family shot. Hopefully over the next few years we will be able to watch out family grow!! The plan is to have a web site with the photos on. We have not done this yet as it is a little boring at the moment!! I am also going to by a big photo album so we can have a hard copy.

Its quite exciting having a life long family project. I want to fast forward 30 years to see what out family looks like.

We explained our project to Genesis and Marceline so they decided to start one too.

I would show you the photos we took but we need to choose which ones to use of the many we took - the joy of digital photography. I am sure Joe will also want to crop them and get them looking just right. Maybe I will show you one day, or at least link to the site once it is built.

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