Monday, September 11, 2006

More hair

Due to popular demand, well kate asking. Here are some more photos of my hair.

I have a bit too much to have it down so most the time pefer it all tied up. My head is still aching a little but am getting used to it. Do not think I will stick with it for 3 months, my scalp is already a little itchy.


Sophie said...

That looks really good! Like the red colour especially. But doesn't it really hurt to sleep on?

KT Lindsay said...

Great Pics!! Thanks Hev! BTW sounds gross but vasoline helps stop the iching and keeps it trim.

Ann said...

It looks even better than the other day. Hope it doesn't itch too badly.

Hev said...

Thanks for the vasoline tip, I will try it.

It really hurt the first night and I hardly slept but now it is OK.

Had really bad hair ache when I untied it for the first time. Its also easier to sleep on now its not tied back.

Bets said...

I love it. You look great. That is definately something I would have done when I was your age. Now, unfortunately I will have to wait until Quinn is out of the hairgrabbing stage. Seriously though I am so glad you did it!