Wednesday, September 27, 2006

More family

On Saturday night we went to Ekona to visit Marceline's parents house and some of her family. We have now met all of Marceline's 7 sisters and I think I can remember all their names! Ekona is about 45 mins away in a taxi. It would be about 1/2 an hour (or less) if there were not as many pot holes in the road. We hired the taxi man to then sit outside while we went in for an hour or so. By the time we got there it was dark so we did not get to see the surroundings. The taxi driver came in for some food. We met Naomi's new cousin Naomi. She was born the day before our Naomi. This was the first time Marceline had seen her and we did not know she had the same name!

From top left, me, Joe, Marceline, Mum, Dad, Maggie, Sarah
Elizabeth, Agbol, Peacebell, Naomi and Naomi


Ann said...

Lovely name-- Peacebell.

Hev said...

Joe keeps forgetting it calling her hope or faith!!

Bets said...

The Naomis are adorable