Monday, September 04, 2006

Football at the local

As many of you may know England played a euro 2008 qualifier on Saturday. Joe was wondering what to do. He figured he would try 5live on-line. However when we were having a drink after work on Friday at our local they had a South African sports channel on. They advertised showing the match on Saturday. Great we thought we can come to the bar to watch it.

So Saturday afternoon just before 5 we trotted along to the bar and they were indeed showing the match. First couple of goals flew in. Then the bar man changed the channel to some other football commentated in French. We were not the only people in the bar but the others seamed pretty gutted too. So I protested 'We want to watch the England game' and he soon changed the channel back.

Joe said I was being feisty - me, feisty!!!! But it got the football back on and that is what we wanted. I am no football pundit so I will not comment on the game or England's performance. The only thing I will say is that I am sure Robinson (that's the goalie for any non football fans) did not touch the ball once. I think the game was a little one sided. But then from what the commentators were saying they were playing against a policeman and a lawyer amongst other things as the Andorra team or semi-professional. It is not surprising as the country has a population of 67 000 which is less than Buea.

We chatted a little with some of the others watching the game in the bar. One guy asked us why spice boy was not playing. That's the local name for Beckham.


Ann said...

How do the bars there compare to a typical English pub? (Not that I spent that much time in pubs, but anyway...) Do they have dart boards?

Hev said...

Very different, its a wodden shack really!! No darts or pool tables. A group of men are playing a game with dice.

Out the front a man cooks meat on a stick which you can buy and eat in the bar. No music only the telly.

Very relaxed atmospher and very friendly.

Oh and you can choose weather you have your beer from the fridge or not, not sure why anyone would want it warm!