Thursday, August 31, 2006

They're not ants!!

Ants are a big problem in our house. They are everywhere, shouldn't complain as they are not the worst creepy crawly we could have in the house. We get them in all sizes, huge ones about 1cm big to tiny ones that manage to get in to out foil wrapped biscuits grrrrr!

Leave any food on the table and they are all over it. Forget to screw the lid down on the sugar and the jar is full of them. They get everywhere. Thankfully they are not the type that bite that we encountered in Guatemala, that would be a problem.

So this morning I am eating my breakfast which is a hot cross bun type thing, cake with raisins in. I am picking out the raisins as I do not like them. Jeff is sat at the table and said to me, you can eat the black things, they're not ants!!


Ann said...

You're right-- ants are not good, regardless of size. In fact, size can make them a little creepier-- since you might not see them in your food before taking a bite. Oh, I probably shouldn't have said that...

Hev said...

Oh I dread to think about how many I have eaten already!!