Monday, August 21, 2006

There's a moose loose aboot this hoose

OK so I am just getting over the whole cockroach thing, have not seen any more! Then a new pest come to bother us.

So Saturday night I went in to the suitcase we use to store all our spare stuff in to get a fresh loo roll. I took the packaging off and noticed it looked pretty nibbled. So I turned to my brave husband and told him a mouse had been at it. He lifted up the lid of the case and immediately slammed it shut, jumped back and zipped it up. There is indeed a mouse in our case. Now what freaked my out more: the fact there is a mouse in our case or the fact I had just been the in case to get a couple of things out and did not notice!!

So we wheeled the case in to the parlour and told the girls. Shelia went to get three brooms, her Emilia and their mum were each armed with a broom. And we set the mouse free. They chased it around the room trying to beat it, I wish I had a picture to show you it was really something. Unfortunately they did not catch the little terror and its back in its home. A sofa.

These sofas are not even ours!! A friend of Marcleine's brought all his worldly belongings to store in our house as he is in between houses. His stuff included said sofa, which at first was quite exciting. We have wooden benches and quite liked the thought of a sofa to relax on. It is not actually that soft or comfy as like the mattress the foam just gets squished so all you can feel under your bum is wooden slats. So it sits in the corner and the mice live in it. Hopefully it will not be here for long.

We have now been keeping everything zipped up. I am extra vigilant and checking in my shoes before I put them on as my father-in-law told me too. I suppose I am lucky really. None of the pests bothering us are dangerous. We will not get stung or bitten, may be nibbled by the mouse though!!

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Ann said...

Oh nooooo. Roaches are wrong, and mice are not nice.