Wednesday, August 30, 2006

We've got mail

OK so receiving post may not seem that exciting!! Everyday you receive post, a lot of it junk its really just part of life. For us it is contact with the outside world. For about 4 weeks we have been trundling up to the post office every week to check our PO box and every week there is nothing and we get all upset. Last week we were beginning to worry a bit, so was my Mum so I played it down "Oh Cameroon post will be slow, do not worry" I said on the phone. Even though I too was beginning to think it had all be stolen and nothing would arrive.

Then today we went up. Have not been for about 10 days because of going to Douala last week. We were thinking what if there is none today, its over a month since the first things were posted. Well we were not disappointed I even let out a squeal of excitement when our PO Box was crammed with packages!!

You may have read Joe's post about the post saying how there is a holding fee you have to pay on packages that do not fit in the box. We were worried that we would have to pay out to receive our packages but each one was in the PO box with no slips of paper charging us to collect them. This made us even more happy!!

We also received Nanu's package from Australia. He has not yet received ours from Cameroon. So does this make the Cameroon postal service better than the Australian one?!

We got 5 packages in total including a CD Joe ordered from Amazon our first week here. He tried to buy it in HMV in Ipswich but it cost £17, to get it shipped from Amazon to Cameroon and pay for the CD only cost him £12. Even better it arrived without getting stolen, I have faith in the Cameroon postal service - I am sure this will not last long!!

Some of the packages had 28/08/06 stamped on the back, I guess they were held at Douala where they flew in for days/weeks until the next lorry headed for Buea. So maybe in a couple of weeks the next batch of parcels will arrive!!


Dad. said...

Yes we were sure the stuff had been nicked, especially the crimping tool. If I had known I was going to pay so much to ship a catalogue I would have opened and re-packed it.

Hev said...

Hopefully the rest of your packages will arrive in the next batch. I was a little suprised to find a catalouge in with the crimping tool!

Mum said...

Comment from Mum.
Don't let the coconuts hit your head.