Friday, August 04, 2006

Do not feed the pidgin

Although the official language in the South West Province is English most the local people converse in Pidgin English. It is a form of English but not really recognisable most the time I have not idea what people are saying. A pidgin language is spontaneously created as a mixture of different languages.In the case of Cameroon it is English and German. There are different dialects of pidgin so even some of the locals do not understand each other. Everybody also speaks English so we do not have too much trouble understanding people. In the villages where I will be doing some work people may only speak pidgin so i will need to take a local with me. I understand a few words and an sure I will pick more up. Chop is food. Marceline says that all Naomi does is chop, sleep, chop, sleep etc.

Today I went to the University of Buea as I needed to go to the bank. It is the only anglophone university in Cameroon and they are very proud of this (All the magazines at the bank were french though). When walking though the campus I saw this sign amongst others and it made me chuckle.

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Ann said...

Some people probably think American English is pidgin, too.