Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Rain rain go away

We did know it was going to be the rainy season when we arrived in Cameroon. However English rain does not prepare you for it. Here in Buea we are not far from second wettest places in the world. I think this is because we are close to the ocean and next to a mountain.

The rainy season is approximaly April/May to September/October. It rains just about everyday. Sometimes all day and sometimes for days in a row with no break. We have to take our umbrella everywhere we go. You get no warning we never know when it is going to rain. The sky opens an it pours. Sometimes it is so heavy you cannot hear each other speak. It keeps you awake at night. I feel sure the roof with cave in sometimes with the power of the rain. We have a couple of leaky spots in the house, often you get up in the morning and the parlour floor is one big puddle.

Life will begin when the dry season starts. We will visit the villages. Many roads are impassible during the wet season.

This is our road, we live just down on the right. It is a dirt track, after a days rain it is a mud bath. You have to jump over puddles. If we come home late (by that I mean after 7pm then it gets dark) we need a torch to see the puddles with.

I am sure in a few months time we will be complaining its too hot!! But at the moment it is just too wet!!


Hev said...

OK so we have just been home for lunch and it is pouring with rain. It was so wet we could not walk down our road as it was one big muddy puddle. Lots of jumping from stone to stone. Then one big was so big the friendly carpenters had to lay a plank of wood for us to walk along.

Anonymous said...

Hi Heather, just wanted to let you guys know we are thinking of/praying for you - the view from my study window is RAIN too but I suspect this rainy season wont last as long as yours - good to see Joe is playing footy - probably one international language all us men understand !! - He looks like he is weraing Ipswich blue in the pictures. I do enjoy the blog so be encouraged

Mark - Woodbridge