Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Fork Handles

These may look like four candles but they are actually some kind of fruit!! Yes we actually eat these strange waxy looking things. They come about 5 or 6 in a big pod shaped thing. There is the waxy outer coat then a seed inside. They are not really very nice. A world of wrongness according to Joe. I have eaten one or two. First taste was a bit like an apple. It is crunchy but does not really taste of anything.


Ann said...

Too bad they don't taste good, because they LOOK so nice. Before reading your description, I thought they were delicious cinnamon rolls, drenched in icing!

Anonymous said...


Just read through all your entries (don't tell anyone here, I'm meant to be running the place!). It's amazing, really gives you an insight into another world albeit via a blog! So please keep writing and I'll try to keep up.

By the way there's some loony called 'JoeBlogg' or something like that who is keeping up an alternative blog. Seems to think he knows you. I'd avoid him if I were you.