Saturday, August 19, 2006

Dont let the bed bugs bite

When we arrived in Cameroon we were pretty chuffed that we had a proper double bed. There are some great shelves built in to the head of the bed. Very useful storage for all our books and other bits and pieces.

It is pretty comfy, the pillows are not great as mentioned before. Really miss my duvet too, sheets and a blanket are not the same. The mattress is just one big piece of foam and after a few weeks it had two huge dents in it where we sleep. So we decided to turn the mattress over. The first problem with this that we encountered it that the underside of the mattress cover was mouldy.

We are really suffering with mold. Last week we had to wash nearly all our shoes as they were covered in mould, as was a few of Joe's jackets and his glasses case. We decided best to leave that side down and worry about it later. We just top to tailed the mattress instead.

The worse part of the whole story is that when we lifted the mattress we found a cockroach underneath it eek!! The base of the bed is made up of slats of wood covered in cardboard. This little mite was hidden between a couple bits of cardboard.

We have been pretty lucky with creepy crawlies and hardly seen any. We have only seen a couple of cockroaches. But when they are in your bed it makes your spine shiver!! Marceline keeps saying she will spray the house to prevent them from entering. But she has not been able to go and buy the spray yet. PS I hope this little tale has not put off any prospective guests!!


Ann said...

Oh yuck, now you're talking about something I (as a Texan) can really identify with-- roaches! Hope yours aren't as big as the ones we see here.

Ann said...

P.S.-- I don't mean to sound like a bragging Texan, because roaches are nothin' to be very proud of.

Josh said...

Don't roaches keep the place clean by eating crumbs and dust? Think of them as your own private cleaning staff.

Hev said...

Thankfully Ann I do not think they are as big as texan roaches. It was only about 3cms long.

Private cleaning staff, that kind of helps. Thanks Josh!!

Clare said...

I heard that cockroaches lay eggs in cardboard so that might be worth inspecting! Also heard that they don't like talcolm powder, so you can make a simple trap with it by dusting the inside of a pint glass/jar as they can't get out again. Or you could use it to dust the bed!