Monday, August 07, 2006

Meet the family

I thought it would help if I showed you some photos of the family we live with in Cameroon. Then you will know who I am wittering on about.

This is the Tinshu family. Genesis, Marceline and Naomi. Genesis is the founder and president of Helps international (HINT) the organisation we are working for.

These are Marceline's sisters. Emilia (on the left) and Sheila (who does not like having her photo taken so this is a sneaky snap sorry Sheila). They are both junior sisters. Family ranking is very important in Cameroon and your siblings are always talking about as junior or senior. They are shocked we each only have on sibling and when ever I talk about Richard I always have to say he is my senior brother. Marceline has 7 sisters and 1 brother. The eldest is 32 and youngest is 6. We have met Marceline's mother a couple of times and she is an amazing woman.

Emilia works in China where she teaches English. She is over here for the holidays and will soon be going back to China until Christmas, we will miss her. She is very bubbly and good fun. Emilia thinks Buea is boring. Sheila is the youngest in the house so is always sent on errands or doing the chores. I feel really sorry for her I often hear "SHEEILA" being shouted though the house when Marceline needs her. Sheila has just done her A' levels and is hoping to go to University of Buea to do nursing. She may stay in the house or may move down the hill to Molyko to live the university life.

Then finally there is Jeff. This is Genesis nephew who is 7. He lives in the city and has come to stay for the holidays. He is sweet but occasionally quite annoying. I feel sorry for him no friends to play with apart from when Amelia's son comes or the youngest brother. We often play cards with Jeff but usually he does not abide by the rules. Joe has tried to teach him chess, which I thought was brave!! He understood he had to protect the king and that was about it, saying check after every go having no real clue what he was doing.

Others have popped in and out various members of Marceline's family to visit the baby. They are all very welcoming and lovely.


Rich said...

That's right - senior brother - and don't you forget it.

Josh and Heather said...

And he has the grey hairs to prove it.

Ann said...

Spoken like a brother who's going to be 3-0 on his next birthday!