Tuesday, August 29, 2006

There is nothing like a good cup of tea

While I am in the mood for commenting on news stories I will aslo talk about this story that my Dad sent me, tea is healthier than water. I love tea. I have a cup of tea every morning, I cannot function without it and I quite like numerous cups throughout the day!! When I was a kid, I did not like tea, my Mum drank it all the time and I could not understand the attraction. We used to call her a caffine addict, she now drinks decaffinated tea. However in my view decaffinated tea is just wrong, I drink it to pick me up when I am tired.

So it is a good for you as water. I thought tea was a diruretic and would dehydrate you but looks like I am wrong. The artical states it does not dehydrate and it as good as water, or even better. So now there is no excusse it cups of tea all round.

I brought some left over tea bags with me to Cameroon, they only lasted a couple weeks. Now we drink the local tea, Tole Tea. Its nice I will bring some home and invite you over for a cup next year. However it does not come in nice little tea bags like English tea. The only tea that comes in bags here is Lipton Yellow Label. I appoligise to any Americans reading by yellow label tea is wrong and not nice!! I much prefer the local Tole tea its just a hassle, what we need is a tea pot and strainer.

The second problem with tea in Cameroon is there is no milk. We do not have a fridge so even if fresh milk was avalible we could not keep it. We have powederd milk and it does not make a wonderful cup of tea. I have actually taken to having black tea with one sugar lump. They think we are crazy just having one lump, the rest of the family have 3 or 4 or 5 in each cup of tea. The other option for milk is condesed milk, which is even more wrong than powdered!!

I do look forward to getting home and having a nice cup of tea made with fresh milk.


Rich said...

With no milk around you should move onto extra strong black coffee. While I was working in Pittsburgh there was no tea available in the office - so coffee became my main drink. I do find that drinking a pint on an empty stomach makes me feel quite strange though.

Ann said...

I love the subject of tea! Reminds me of, well, you know. I love extra-strong coffee but have never been able to enjoy it black; in fact, milk isn't satisfactory, either. Coffee needs cream--not milk-- to make it great, or at least "half&half." I have an older stomach than Richard, so it has adjusted to having lots of coffee before food. But back to tea, though many Americans claim to love it, I think we're a cold drink people at heart and probably always will be. We love our ice cubes.

Hev said...

Now coffee is something I do not like. My Grandma was once horrified that I did not like coffee and said I must drink coffee as it is a social asset. I dont like the smell let alone the taste. However Mum's coffee cake, thats a different matter - its yummy. Like the cack but not the drink, I'm a freak I know!!