Tuesday, January 23, 2007

A Very Cameroon Welcome

Joe's Mum and Dad arrived on Saturday and already they have had a very exciting time. Joe has been doing his utmost to show them the real Cameroon. On the way home from the airport the police were very up on their visa recognition and after us thinking they would not realise they have expired we were wrong. So Joe got detained by the police for about 1 1/2 hours and was freed after 15 000 worth of bribes, a usual bribe is 500 francs so it was pretty serious.Joe was sending me a running commenty in texts and I was convinced he would be spending the weekend in jail.. We are now remaining in Buea until we get out passports back which should be today!! They have been issues, thankfully as they were initially rejected and just need to travel from Yaounde to Buea. So by this evening we should have out visas in our hands and no longer be illegal immigrants - yippee. so plans have had to be rearranged for their visit but that's life.

The fun and games continued with a trip to Ekona to visit Marceline's family. The next door neighbours had a dog who had just had puppies and in my wisdom I decided it would be nice to see the puppies. The dog however did not agree with us and promptly bit Joe on the leg. So we returned to Buea and took a trip to a small health centre/ hospital. The risk of Rabies is low but we can not take any chances with a fatal disease so he is now on anti-rabies injections. So for the next few weeks I will be stabbing Joe every so often. He needs a total of 6 injections over 3 months. We just hope the insurance will pay for it.

Lets hope the rest of the trip is a little less eventful.


Margaret said...

It wouldn,t be Cameroon without some hassle and bother.


Ann said...

My, my, Heather. I just can't believe the adventures you're having. Hope Joe's leg heals & that the injections aren't too painful.

KT Lindsay said...

Eeeeek, quite exciting (and painful!!?!) I hope you have your visa now so you are no longer illeagal aliens!